Zásuvné moduly této wiki

  • CAPTCHA Plugin - captcha, Popularita: 38.69 %, Use a CAPTCHA challenge to protect DokuWiki against automated spam.
  • History Cleanup Plugin - clearhistory, Popularita: 2.33 %, Remove irrelevant entries from the change history. This plugin deletes consecutive history entrys that were made by the same user user within 1 hour.
  • Cloud Plugin - cloud, Popularita: 9.88 %, Displays the most used words in a word cloud.


  • Comment Syntax support - commentsyntax, Popularita: 1.21 %, Allow to use source comment syntax to leave edit instructions of the page. Comments are visible only in the source view, not rendered as any page elements.
/* This is a comment */

/* This is a multi-line
comment */
  • DataTables Plugin - datatables, Popularita: 1.73 %, Add DataTables support to DokuWiki.
  • Edittable Plugin - edittable, Popularita: 18.69 %, Provide a custom editor for tables.
  • Gallery Plugin - gallery, Popularita: 62.67 %, Creates a gallery of images from a namespace or RSS/ATOM feed.
  • Icons Plugin - icons, Popularita: 2.58 %, Embed icons in Dokuwiki.
  • Plugin imagebox - imagebox, Popularita: 4.05 %, Syntax for display an image with a caption, like
Just add [ ] around the image tag: [{{ImagePath|Caption}}]
  • Move Plugin - move, Popularita: 23.28 %, Move and rename pages and media files whilst maintaining the links.
  • Orphanswanted Plugin - orphanswanted, Popularita: 5.55 %, Display Orphans, Wanteds and Valid link information.
~~ORPHANSWANTED:all~~      << makes all three tables 
  • Pagelist Plugin - pagelist, Popularita: 24.1 %, Lists pages in a nice formatted way.
  • Page Redirect - pageredirect, Popularita: 3.72 %, Redirects page requests based on content.
  • Redirect Plugin - redirect, Popularita: 1.72 %, Redirect page access based on a central redirection list.
  • Searchindex Manager - searchindex, Popularita: 8.62 %, Allows to rebuild the fulltext search index.
  • Sortablejs - sortablejs, Popularita: 5.05 %, Allow sorting tables by columns.
  • Tag Plugin - tag, Popularita: 23 %, Tag wiki pages.
{{tag>"[list of tags]"}}
  • Text Plugin - text, Popularita: 3.19 %, Renders page as plain text.
USAGE: <pagename>?do=export_text
  • DokuWiki Upgrade Plugin - upgrade, Popularita: 100 %, Automatically upgrade your DokuWiki install to the most recent stable release.
  • Video Sharing Site Plugin - vshare, Popularita: 48.93 %, Easily embed videos from various Video Sharing sites.
Display a YouTube Video:       {{youtube>L-WM8YxwqEU}}
Show a larger player:          {{youtube>L-WM8YxwqEU?large}}
Right-align the player:        {{ youtube>L-WM8YxwqEU}}
Show a small, centered player: {{ youtube>L-WM8YxwqEU?small }}
- " -            with a title: {{ youtube>L-WM8YxwqEU?small |Some funny video}}
Some other additional parameters are supported (depending on video service) as well:
{{youtube>L-WM8YxwqEU?small&start=30&end=45|A random segment of 15 seconds}}
  • Wrap Plugin - wrap, Popularita: 77.59 %, Universal plugin which combines functionalities of many other plugins. Wrap wiki text inside containers (divs or spans) and give them a class (choose from a variety of preset classes), a width and/or a language with its associated text direction.
Basic Syntax:
  <WRAP classes #id width :language>
  "big" content
  <block classes #id width :language>
  "big" content
  <div classes #id width :language>
  "big" content
An uppercase **%%<WRAP>%%** (or alternatively **%%<block>%%** or **%%<div>%%**) creates a **''div''** and should be used for **"big"** containers, **surrounding** paragraphs, lists, tables, etc.
  <wrap classes #id width :language>"small" content</wrap>
  <inline classes #id width :language>"small" content</inline>
  <span classes #id width :language>"small" content</span>
A lowercase **%%<wrap>%%** (or alternatively **%%<inline>%%** or **%%<span>%%**) creates a **''span''** and should be used for **"small"** containers, **inside** paragraphs, lists, tables, etc.

Since version 2013-06-13 there is also a shorthand syntax (for wraps without content):

  <WRAP classes #id /> or <block classes #id /> or <div classes #id />


  <wrap classes #id /> or <inline classes #id /> or <span classes #id />

:!: Please note, some things **won't work with spans**: **alignments** (including alignments generated by changing the text direction), **multi-columns** and **widths** if the according wrap isn't floated as well.
  • ACL Manager (bundled) - acl, Manage Page Access Control Lists.
  • Active Directory Auth Plugin (bundled) - authad, Provides user authentication against a Microsoft Active Directory.
  • Authpdo Plugin (bundled) - authpdo, Authenticate against a database via PDO.
  • Configuration Manager (bundled) - config, Manage Dokuwiki's Configuration Settings.
  • Extension Manager (bundled) - extension, Allows managing and installing plugins and templates.
  • Info Plugin (bundled) - info, Displays information about various DokuWiki internals.
  • LDAP Auth Plugin (bundled) - authldap, Provides user authentication against an LDAP server.
  • MYSQL Auth Plugin (bundled) [Zastaralý] - authmysql, This plugin will be removed from DokuWiki in a future release! Use authpdo instead. Provides user authentication against a MySQL database.
  • Plain Auth Plugin (bundled) - authplain, Provides user authentication against DokuWiki's local password storage.
  • Popularity Feedback Plugin (bundled) - popularity, Send anonymous data about your wiki to the DokuWiki developers.
  • PostgreSQL Auth Plugin (bundled) [Zastaralý] - authpgsql, This plugin will be removed from DokuWiki in a future release! Use authpdo instead. Provides user authentication against a PostgreSQL database.
  • Revert Manager (bundled) - revert, Allows you to mass revert recent edits to remove Spam or vandalism.
  • Safefnrecode Plugin (bundled) - safefnrecode, Changes existing page and foldernames for the change in the safe filename encoding.
  • Styling Plugin (bundled) - styling, Allows to edit style.ini replacements.
  • User Manager Plugin (bundled) - usermanager, Manage DokuWiki user accounts.
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